Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer Wagner is an award-winning mosaic artist and lover of creative projects. A native to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, she specializes in large scale community projects, murals, and installations in homes and businesses throughout the United States. Her gallery work is collected by art connoisseurs from around the world. She has curated galleries of her own as well as assisted with the curation of art installations in museums and galleries. She believes that art is a communication between one’s authentic self and a physical medium. Her style and palette are unique and inspired by the landscapes that surround her: wetlands, creeks, rivers and farms. Jennifer has instructed community arts outreach programming since 2006, and teaches popular workshops to creatives of all ages. A professional artist for seventeen years, Jennifer has dedicated her life to the creation of beauty in the world.

Terry Woodall

Terry J. Woodall specializes in wood sculptures and bronzes of oceanic and woodland wildlife. Natural tree formations stir Terry’s imagination, resulting in leaping salmon, diving eagles and other wildlife subjects emerging from the wood. The Oregon Coast and its myrtlewood forests provide Terry with the elements of his life long career creating sculptural art based on wild nature.